Botanical Name Acanthephippiumsylhetense Lindl
Distribution Global-Bangladesh, China, Japan, Myanmar, Taiwan,Thailand.
India-NE Himalaya & Odisha
Habitat Wild/ terrestrial, sympodial
Altitude 1182m
IUCN Status CITES- Appendix-II
IC No 0617677
Morphological Description This is a terrestrial species, 80 cm tall having short rhizomes. The oblong and fleshy pseudobulbs are 25 cm tall. The erect inflorescence emerges laterally from the pseudobulbs, with 3 to 6 flowers, subtended by large, glabrous bracts. The flowers are prominent, large, striated cup- or urn-shaped, fleshy, waxy, and about 4 cm long. They resemble a tulip, a most unusual shape for an orchid. The flowers have a wide range of colours, from dull yellow to red to shades of orange and pink, marked wit
Key Characters Flowers are yellow spotted with red colour and mentem saccate
Flowering Time March to May
Duration of Flowering 5-8 days
Spike Length 3-9 cm
Special Characters Flowers are highly fragrant
Uses Ornamental