Botanical Name Acrochaene punctata Lindl.
Distribution Global-Bhutan,Myanmar, Thailand.
India-Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, West Bengal.
Habitat Epiphytic
Altitude 1330 msl
IUCN Status CITES, Appendix-II
IC No 0616970
Morphological Description Pseudobulbs are 2.5-4.2x2-2.5 cm ovoid, usually 4 ribbed, glabrous with aging arising from a 6 mm diameter, rhiozome at an interval of 3-4 cm. Inflorescence are 9-11 cm long from the base of the pseudobulb. Flowers are yellowish-green, dotted and streaked with purple brown. Lip 6.7-7.2x2.5-3 cm, with short sigmoid claw.
Key Characters Yellowish green dotted and streaked with purple brown flowers.
Flowering Time October-November
Duration of Flowering NA
Spike Length 9-11 cm
Special Characters Pseudobulbs are closely arranged and have start rhizome with thick roots.
Uses Ornamental