Botanical Name Aerides multiflorum Roxb
Distribution Global-Bangladesh, Bhutan,Laos, Myanmar, Thailand.
India-NW Himalaya, Sikkim, W.Bengal.
Habitat Epiphytic
Altitude 200-660m
IUCN Status CITES-Appendix-II
IC No 0621232
Morphological Description 10-25 cm clothed with dilated equitant leaf sheaths, the rear end is cothed with remnant of leaf sheaths, and from the base it produces many branchlets forming large 30-90 cm diameter clumps. Flowers are 1.2-2cm (measured from sepal to sepal), white freely marked and flushed with pink or purple. Lip 1.2-2x0.8-1cm triangular, convex adnate to the base of the column, the margin erose, the apex acute or blunt.
Key Characters Lip mid-lobe cordate, apex emarginated-truncate, pedicel and ovary less than 1 cm long.
Flowering Time March-June
Duration of Flowering NA
Spike Length 10-18 cm
Special Characters Complex lip which can obscure the column.
Uses Ornamental