Botanical Name Aerides odoratum Reinw. ex Blume
Distribution Global-Bhutan, Borneo, LaosMalaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philipines,Sumatra,Vietnam.
India-NW Himalaya, Sikkim, W.Begal, N.E India.
Habitat Epiphytic (monopodial)
Altitude NA
IUCN Status CITES Appendix-II
IC No 276781
Morphological Description Stem 17-45cm long stout, enclosed in leaf sheaths, remnant of leaf sheaths, branched. Leaves oblong tapering somewhat to the blunt unequally and obtusely bilobed apex. Inflorescence 1-3, supra-axillary, erect or slightly deflexed. Flowers 2-2.4cm across, white with purplish shade, glabrous. Sepal sub-equal, thinly fleshy, spreading, white with shade of purple and also with slight touch of dirty yellow. Infloresence length: 15-30 cm with 20-30 flowered.
Key Characters Lip mid-lobe narrow, turning upwards, spur prominent, horn-like.
Flowering Time March-May
Duration of Flowering NA
Spike Length 15-30 cm
Special Characters Sweet scented
Uses Ornamental