Botanical Name Aerides rosea Lodd. ex Lindl. & Paxton
Distribution NA
Habitat Epiphytic
Altitude 1500m
IUCN Status Rare
IC No 0
Morphological Description Stem, leaves, inflorescence are similar to Aerides multiflorum. Flower 2.5-3.7cm across. Sepals spreading, light purple, suffused with white, lateral sepals, white, tipped with pale. Lip light purple mottled with white. Lip 3-lobed, delpoid to trowel-shaped, acute, slightly laterally compressed, lateral lobes small, incurved.
Infloresence length: 60 cm with 20 to 25 flowered.
Key Characters Lip mid-lobe triangular, apex acute, Pedicellate-ovary, less than 1cm long.
Flowering Time May
Duration of Flowering NA
Spike Length 45-60 cm
Special Characters Medicinal & Fragrant
Uses Ornamental