Botanical Name Agrostophyllum brevipes King & Pantl
Distribution Global-Bhutan & Thailand
Habitat Epiphyte
Altitude 1500 m
IUCN Status Rare
IC No 0614834
Morphological Description Leaves3-4 crowded towards the apex, linear oblong, subacute but minutely bifid. Inflorescence 1.2-2cm, diameter, head, subtended by many 1-1.3cm long, translucent-white, lanceolate bracts, the head is composed of many group of flowers. Flowers 5-6.5cm across, white but margin of sepals and petals and column suffused with reddish-purple, glabrous.
Key Characters Flowers few, stem 2.5-3cm long, with only 3-5 leaves on the top.
Flowering Time May-June
Duration of Flowering 4- 6 days
Spike Length NA
Special Characters Minute sessile flowers
Uses Medicinal